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MixRite precision-made dosing pumps operate on hydraulic pressure, and work at high flow rates with minimal low head loss pressure. MixRite Chemical resisting Dosing injector, inject accurate quantities of additives into a water line. Processes include diluting emollition oils, detergents, soaps waxes & disinfectants, adding lubricants & acids. MixRite agriculture offers dosing for Fertigation, Water treatment, Ph control, Supplementation, Disinfection & cleaning of lines and installation. MixRite Livestock pump inject exact dosage of medications, vitamins, minerals and vaccinations. MixRite Pumps available with manual, Hydraulic and Electric remote control.



The MixRite for livestock guarantees control over doses of treatments injected through drinking water, which is the ideal distribution method. In all kinds of livestock (poultry, pork, cattle, rabbits, etc.), the MixRite proportional dosing pump will enable you to dose treatments such as antibiotics, probiotics, enzymes, supplements (vitamins, minerals, etc.) into the water line.



The objectives of fertigation are to control water quantities and added nutrients necessary for optimum growth of crops. MixRite proportional injection technology means less waste, plus a better mix for fertilizers, pesticides and other water-soluble products.

Cleaning or disinfecting fluid lines

Cleaning fluid lines

MixRite water powered proportional dosing pumps can be used for automatic preparation of disinfecting, lubricating and detergent solutions. MixRite injectors operate without electricity, they can also be used in remote areas for water purifcation to prevent and control disease.

Car washing

Car Wash

MixRite pumps are the perfect solution for car wash facilities of all types and sizes. It lowers the cost-per-car expense, while using less space, energy and chemical waste.

Cleaning or disinfecting fluid lines

Water Sanitizing

The sanitation and hygiene industry requires exceedingly accurate and reliable chemical mixing and injection solutions. MixRite injectors are used in market applications like hospitals, restaurants, food services, and supermarkets. MixRite pumps are easily installed in fixed or mobile installations often including static mixers, maturing tanks, flow meters, etc.